Harley & Steel Beitelman – Fun Coordinators

Harley Beitelman –

Hi! I’m Harley. That’s my name, despite what my dad thinks. I’m the little guy with endless energy. Talking accounting is boring…want to play a game of fetch instead? I love everyone and everyone loves me. On a lazy afternoon you will frequently find me running up and down the hall chasing after my toys and looking for anyone to throw them for me. When it is busy at the office it can be a little much, so I have to stay home with Steel. If I’m around, stop by and come play with me!  I’m always a good time, but watch out for my tongue. I like to lick almost as much as I love to fetch!

Steel Beitelman –

Hey! I’m Steel. I’ve been with the Beitelman’s since they lived in Houston. Go figure; a husky raised in Houston. I’m a bit larger, so I understand that I can be a little intimidating, but I’m really just a teddy bear. When I’m around, you’ll typically find me as your door greeter on a lazy afternoon. I love to go for a run, so Mom makes me go hang out in the back. I tend to stay home on busier days. How can you expect anyone to get anything done with this face around? If I’m around stop and say “Hello.”