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We’ve been happily using Capstone Accounting for a few years, with one-time a short, disastrous 3-month break where we used another service. They’re very responsive when we need help and they offer a great value for the services we receive. We would recommend them to anyone.

-Brandon O. | Jun 29, 2018

Thorough, efficient at a reasonable cost. I will see her again next year. The whole process was much better than the H&R experience.

-Wyatt S. | Apr 14, 2017

Dyan is a godsend. She is terrific and so awesome to work with. Highly recommend her

-Nicole D. | Apr 29, 2018

What an awesome experience. I was looking for the opportunity to sit down and walk through my taxes and working full time seems like this is hard to do. Dyan was very responsive prior to my appointment with all my questions and then I was able to get my taxes done at 7pm which was a huge help! Everything was filed quickly and professionally. Now throughout the year I know I can contact Dyan with additional questions and she will respond which will better tool me to next year’s return. She will be seeing me next year! Thanks!

-Sara W. | Feb 20, 2018

A fun team of women professionals! Very glad to have them on my team.

-Brandon W. | Sep 11, 2018

We recently used Capstone for the first time and they were AMAZING. To begin our story, we’ve used a different tax company for years and recently discovered that they had made a major mistake on my 2014 taxes. This error was set to cost us a significant amount of money according to them. So we decided it was in our best interest to look for a new tax professional to not only review and amend our 2014 tax situation, but also take over our annual tax returns. Dyan took the time to redo our 2014 taxes and found that while yes, we did need to pay back some money, we didn’t need to pay back the entire amount they were claiming. This was a huge relief to us. 2016 was a big year for us as we got married and purchased our first house. Dyan took the time to help us understand our return and answered all of our questions. We will definitely be using her from here on out. Can’t say enough good about Capstone. They are welcoming, trustworthy, and extremely professional.

-Laura N. | 2017

Refreshing to find Capstone Tax & Accounting. Above my expectations.

-LB W. | Apr 19, 2018

Dyan made the experience stress free! She was so professional and very responsive. We met with her and she had our taxes done in 45 min!

-Stacie M. | Mar 21, 2018

Dyan was amazing! I have always used turbo tax in the past. Recently I got married and things seemed a little complicated. I will be going to Dyan next year for sure. I like many had to pay a little to Kansas and she provides everything needed to send. She was also able to discuss what taxes will look like next year. We literally through a bunch of paperwork on her desk and she had our taxes done in under 30 mts.

-James L. | Feb 11, 2018

Dyan is professional, prompt and efficient. My husband and I could not have asked for a better experience.

-Becky P. | Feb 17, 2017

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